Saturday, January 30, 2010

WEEK 4 - 12 week challenge

Weigh in day!!! Measurements Start of week 4!!

Weight - 76kg
Waist - 88cm
Chest - 105cm
Arms- 33cm
Hips - 112cm
Thighs - 62cm
Calves - 41.5cm

And the progress picture!!


Peta said...

i need the little cheering smiley with the pom poms so I can cheer you on!!!! :) :) :)


it was great to catch up with u bree.. you are LOOKING amazing.. im sure there will be a lingerie present in the wings.. lol

and if your dad buys u cake and u have to eat it.. just have really small servings.. just a thought.. im not dieting so its really easy for me to say that..

wow that turned into an essay.. love spending time with you!! hope to catch up this week.. for that shoot if taras up for it..

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