Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hayleys Hens Night!!

Last night we held Hayley's Hens Night at our place. Ian was shipped off to the ambulance centre for the night while our house was invaded by a gaggle of giggly girls :) I have to say I was very honoured that Hayley chose my house to spend her Hen's Night and that she trusted me with the organisation of this special night for her!! Thank you Hayley, I had so much fun xxxxxx

We had a Body Shop party to begin with and all started the night by pampering our feet, it was devine!!!
Then it was in to the festivities and games..we had pass the parcel, a pinata, a few how well do we know Hayley games and finally the girls got to dress Hayley up in the toilet paper Wedding Dress :) I have to say girls the Wedding Dress was very scary and I don't think I would be calling on any of you to design a dress for me lol!!!!!