Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pampered Pooch?

For all of you that have a beloved Pooch that is pampered and spoiled or just loves to be part of the stylish crowd have a look here Spoil him/her with warm winter pj's, a stylish coat or a fashionable scarf to tie back their hair :) You will be rewarded with doggie love!!

Scrapping Again??

Well I have done one layout this weekend!!
This was the monthly sketch challenge at Peta was the sketch master this month!!

I would love to do more but my mojo just hasn't quite come back, I have three unfinished layouts on my scrap table!!!

I am trying to add 1hr of creativity everyday to my wellness plan, it is such an important part of wellbeing!!

I have completed my first assignment in my aromatherapy course and half way through the second one! My house smells devine with all the different oils I am burning :)

My daily routine goes something like this:

Morning - get out of bed light my burner with my chosen oils for the day, this could be to encourage creativity, mental clarity or uplifting and de-stressing. Then it's in the shower for a body brush with my selected oil. After showering I massage an oil blend in to my skin until I glow :) I then use a flannel to hot compress my face with a rejuvenating oil, then tone (another oil), then moisturise (you guessed it with another oil suited to my skin)

Evening - burn relaxing oils, have the occasional relaxing bath, meditate, go through my night time facial routine (same as morning but with night oils and no moisturising), brush my hair 100 times (to encourage growth and health), do a bit of light reading then off to sleep :)

Now I just need to add in the healthy meals, the creativity and presto I will be a new woman :)