Saturday, September 19, 2009

In the Mood!!

When I woke up this morning I found myself in the mood for gardening!!
I headed in to Bunnings and bought myself some colourful plants

This is the garden bed I want to's right outside my bedroom window and not ver interesting to look at

So I dug them out and placed the pots where I want them to go

This poor fellow didn't know what was going on :) I hope he likes his new home when I am finished!!

And a quick tidy round the back new gerberas

Pulled out all the old veges - ready to start fresh for spring

My gorgeous grevillea

And just a pic of a mosaic stepping stone I made a long time ago but I just love it!!

Still a long way to go but I have made a start :)

He IS very Sweet!!!

I have been battling on and off lately with an illness I just cant shake and I have been doing a fair bit of grizzling to Ian :(
On Thursday after another day off work and another grizzle to Ian, I received these from my lovely husband!!

Did the trick and cheered me up :) Unfortunately not a cure for whatever is bugging me but certainly helped!!