Saturday, September 19, 2009

In the Mood!!

When I woke up this morning I found myself in the mood for gardening!!
I headed in to Bunnings and bought myself some colourful plants

This is the garden bed I want to's right outside my bedroom window and not ver interesting to look at

So I dug them out and placed the pots where I want them to go

This poor fellow didn't know what was going on :) I hope he likes his new home when I am finished!!

And a quick tidy round the back new gerberas

Pulled out all the old veges - ready to start fresh for spring

My gorgeous grevillea

And just a pic of a mosaic stepping stone I made a long time ago but I just love it!!

Still a long way to go but I have made a start :)


Kate said...

wow Bree your garden will be so beautiful! I miss you xxx

Jodi said...

Gorgeous Bree! So much pretty colour. When are you coming to visit so you can do my garden? xxx

Lucy Edson said...

Your garden is going to be beautiful, Bree!

Thanks so much for your comment on the tribute to my Grandma - it means a lot to me.

megan said...

I love your blog scrappin' nana, !!

Peta said...

wow wow wow.... stunning gardens!!! love all that colour :)
Glad you are keeping well - it was great chatting to you tonight :)

marijana said...

plants look great love ALL the color :)
just watch the roheo (spell) they HATE lots of water-:) (speaking from experience lol)

take are :)



michelle said...

Spring is definitely here. I have the gardening bug too.I love the sunny colours you have chosen.

bon said...

looking good bree :)

Charmane said...

Gorgeous garden Bree :)

Love Charmane

Ceci said...

love looking at all the photos. :)

Sara said...

Gorgeous garden Bree.

Giovanna said...

I love your garden Bree. Can you come to help me with mine please :(

Marelle said...

wow Bree this is stunning


wow .. how busy are u .. well worth it though .. great pics miss bree.. love em!

bronnyk said...

Oh Bree love what you did with the front of the window.... and soooo jealous of that grevillea..... I love gardening too!!! Don't do a lot, potter here and there.
Have you found your mojo for scrapping yet???? I'm still looking...LOL I think once I make a start I will be right into it again!!!