Sunday, June 1, 2008

PJ's Blind Challenge

This pic is my Granddaughter at our first picnic in the park.

Leanne's Challenge

This pic was taken 24 years ago 'OMG' !!

Fran's Challenge

This pic is of our bad girls and the destruction they caused to our HWS. It is officially cactus!!

Bons Challenge

We put the dog beds out to air in the sun and the dogs stayed on them all day!! Pity they don't stay on them when they are inside!

Scrap Scrap Scrap

Well we have a long weekend here and I have been scrapping almost non stop. Just stopping for sleep and a bit of house cleaning!! I have been enjoying the CC challenges Of Bonsscraps. I have completed all four challenges!! Whew! Most scrapping I have done for a very long time. I am generally a 1 page per 6 week type scrapper!