Friday, July 31, 2009

July Picture a Day

Over at Bons we had a challenge to take a picture for each day of July. I didn't get one for each day but this is the selection of some of the photos taken in July!
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bronnyk said...

Hi Bree. Gee you did well with the July photo a day. I didn't get a photo everyday either, but it's a great idea. I HAVE been trying to. Our life is a bit boring really. I don't get to see my grand kids very often, and our cat and dog just sleep and eat!!!
Yep, can't wait for the retreat to meet all you girls. I've taken holidays so I can spend an extra few days with my daughter Charm. I might be organised, but I'm not getting much scrapping done. One reason being work, another is I don't know what to do, and another is my photos are not very good. So there are a few things that I have to overcome. LOL
Looking forward to meeting you too, NEXT WEEK_END!!! Woo Hoo!!