Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Saturday!!

I have been happily scrapping today, watching the rain and occasional hail through my scrap room window!! I have some beautiful oils burning today - bergamot, orange and ylang ylang - very uplifting!!

So here are my creations for today. Both layouts are from online classes at Bonsscraps.

Scentual Delight is from May taught by Sandie...this one is about something you are loving at the guesses for what that is for me :)

Flirty Girl is the June online class taught by Charm. I love this photo of captures her personality so well, just look at the spark in her eyes!!


Narelle Pearce aka Sassyscrap said...

Bree it is windy as here in Rockingham at the moment. It is the perfect weather to scrap and smell your beautiful scents that you are burning. I just love Ylang Ylang.

Your pages are gorgeous girl and your scrapping is just blossoming at the moment. Love both of those LO's.

Erika said...

Beautiful layouts Bree.


bronnyk said...

Bree love your Blog it's so bright, cheery & colourful. Love your LO's too, I hope I get better at my scrapping. LOL
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Cheers Bronnyk

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