Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Age Me :)

Ok so I haven't blogged for a while but I have made a very big turning point in my life (well I think so anyway)! (shows what turning 46 does to a person)

I am now an empty nester (mixed feelings here) I am very happy for the kids as they have a lovely little place and they are very happy being independent!!

So with all this space and time to myself I have a few big projects on the go!
A light has turned on in my brain to tell me happiness comes from within and that I am the only one who can create my happiness - profound eh! So I have been busy reading some very enlightening books and working on projects that have been neglected in my life for a very long time!!

I have finally got off my behind and put in a vege/herb garden that I have been wanting for so long. The caterpillars are eating my broccoli but I don't care as it is such a good feeling to have accomplished a goal!! I have also been trying to colour up the garden and make it a more pleasant place to be! Those hungry caterpillars have eaten my marigolds but such is life in a garden :)

I am also finally paying some attention to my poor neglected house, I am putting in the little touches that will make this house my home!! Another of my profound ideas that I need to appreciate and be grateful for what I have in my life instead of longing for something I don't have!!

Another area of my life I have decided to work on is my brain and to that end I am starting a course in Aromatherapy. I have always loved oils and natural scents and been a big believer in their healing/therapeutic properties!!

I guess what I am trying to achieve is a balance in my life, now some things have taken a back seat such as my scrapping but once I find that happy medium I will have the time to pursue all the important areas of my life!!



its so nice to read all this bree.. its coming together for u.. couldnt imagine a home with out kids.. i cant wait personally.. rofl..

bree .. stick around i would miss u to much not being apart of my scrapping world..

love when u pop in to the forum doesnt hurt to take a huge break from scrapping sometimes.. its healthy... hugs xx

bon said...

bree, sounds like lots of exciting new things happening for you.

now is your time to make your life about YOU again, you only have one so make the most of it!!!!

i LOVE your mini album too BTW :)

Peta said...

wow wow wow GOOD ON YOU Bree....:)
Your happiness does start with YOU and that is great that you have so many things you can do to gain tat happiness - enjoy!!!!

Rachael said...

Hiya Bree
You are living the dream baby!!! What you are doing is what I long to do too, I wish you all the luck, success and of course HAPPINESS!!! I would love to hear more about your course - sounds so wonderful. I love oils too.

Sar said...

Love everything you've said Bree, so inspiring and has made me think about my own home and mind, and that life is what we make it... :)

Thanks for sharing. xoxo


Mal said...

so glad to hear that you are taking time for YOU bree....and making your house into a HOME:)

I love the mini album too....and can't wait to see you again in August.

xxxxxooooo Mal

marijana said...

wow -lots of new and exciting things happening in your life...

just make sure you dont give up scrapping completely as we would miss you LOTS xxxxxx

and good on you to start doing things just for YOU and what you always wanted ......:)


Shelly said...

Bree- I love your ways to improve your time, and to enjoy life more!!!Oh, and I went down further and saw your butterfly photos- how gorgeous!!!!I have only just met you, but you are such a friendly person to chat to at Bons!x0

Felicity said...

this is something very special,doing things for you. And that you have used your feeling and thoughts here too!
I hope those naughty catterpillars stay away, (I have the same problem too!)
Look after yourself

Giovanna said...

oh wow Bree!! how I take inspiration from this post....I'm wondering myself if we'll EVER leave this small 3 brm house and so I'm starting to look at my nest objectively....NOT PRETTY lol.
Thank you for reminding me where LIFE happens

Kate said...

you are such a gorgoeus person bree, I can't wait to meet you in August xxxx

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