Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Grandson

Today Jett Alexander came in to the world. He is my second Grandchild!! He weighed 10lb 3!!
I have to wait to go visit and get my first pics. I already have the layout waiting just need to add the picture :)
On a sad note today was also the day we closed up my Nana's house. She is in hospital and cannot return home :(
Once a place becomes available she will be moved in to an aged hostel!!
Such a bittersweet day..I have been in tears of sadness and of joy!!


Ann Lederhose said...

Hi Bree, thanks for visiting my blog and I was so glad to hear that someone else's kids eat strange things! ROFL

Big congratulations on your gorgeous grandson. He's a big boy! (My boy was 9lb 3 so I know about big boys!) He's just gorgeous.


wowzers his a bruiser... adorable bub bree ....

Kate said...

Wow bree!! such a big boy!! congratulations, I'm so glad he is here safe & sound!! and I love the name Jett, he's gorgeous :)